Sustainable Ventures have successfully created a number of businesses in the sustainability space,
developing them from ideas, to commercialisation and growth.

E-Car Club

E-Car is the UK’s first all-electric car club, allowing private and business users to book and use vehicles as and when required.

Operating an ever-expanding fleet of new, high spec electric and hybrid vehicles across the UK, E-Car provides a low cost travel option for those who don't need to own a car of their own. 

In 2015, Europcar - Europe’s largest car hire company, acquired a majority stake, marking the first ever exit of a crowdfunded start-up.


Powervault designs and manufactures smart energy storage systems for the home, which stores free solar energy and/or cheap electricity from the grid. 

Powervault aims to help home owners lower their electricity bills, increase their energy security and reduce their carbon footprint. It is also focused on changing consumers’ energy consumption behaviours by encouraging energy efficiency and the adoption of renewable energy technologies.


AutoTrip offers vehicle fleet managers automated business mileage software that leverages machine learning to deliver an easy to use solution for business mileage reclaims. AutoTrip, leveraging the Internet of Things and Machine Learning sectors, offers a fully automated solution for employers and those that drive for business, via a plug and play GPS device, capable of producing quick, accurate, and tax compliant reports.

By virtue of improved monitoring of business trips and optimised fleet management, AutoTrip has the potential to significantly reduce fleet carbon emissions, provide more value from existing fleet operations, and reduce costs for its customer businesses.


AirEx is a smart ventilation control with sensors that measure atmospheric conditions (such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, air quality), and use cloud-based algorithms to automatically regulate air-flow. 

Smart controls and connectivity are seen as key in the fight against poor ventilation and reduced energy consumption.  The AirEx system is ideally placed to address these problems, providing homeowners or tenants with reduced energy bills, improved thermal comfort and good indoor air quality.