We have developed a number of true market leaders in the UK sustainability space.



E-Car Club

E-Car Club is the UK's leading low emission car club, offering private and business users electric vehicles on demand. Acquired by Europcar.




Powervault designs and manufactures smart energy storage systems, which store solar and grid electricity to reduce energy bills and increase energy efficiency.




AutoTrip simplifies and automises business mileage reclaims for vehicle fleet managers, and significantly reduces carbon emissions via optimised fleet management.




Airex builds intelligent air ventilation units, using atmospheric sensors and cloud algorithms able to immediately save users 15% on their total energy use.




CoControl is revolutionising the way social landlords improve their tenants' wellbeing through the use of heating control data and social metrics.



Sustainable Home Survey Company

Sustainable Home Survey Company provides home energy and fuel poverty assessment services to help identify home improvement and energy saving opportunities.