We invest in promising sustainable early stage businesses, in sectors that are delivering real change.


Rovco are addressing problems with the growing renewables and decommissioning subsea inspections markets.  Their innovative tech and services solutions delivers better monitoring, clearer visualisation and deeper analysis. Their end-to-end subsea solution offers real-time visual 3D survey with onboard AI analysis, replacing and superseding laser based 3D solutions, suitable for small autonomous vehicles.


Drygro has developed a novel technique to grow biomass faster than in open environments, using 95% less water than traditional agriculture.  The process produces a low-cost but high protein crop, similar to soybean meal, for the animal feed market.

Food Clubs

The Food Clubs platform will allow individuals to buy ethical and environmental friendly groceries in groups, direct from wholesalers, giving a discount ranging from 20 - 50% than would be possible to achieve as an independent buyer.

This focus on low price and ethical and sustainable food and drink allows consumers to experience a higher quality diet at a fraction of the cost, thus offering a significant societal impact.  


AirEx is a smart ventilation control with sensors that measure atmospheric conditions (such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, air quality), and use cloud-based algorithms to automatically regulate air-flow. 

Smart controls and connectivity are seen as key in the fight against poor ventilation and reduced energy consumption.  The AirEx system is ideally placed to address these problems, providing homeowners or tenants with reduced energy bills, improved thermal comfort and good indoor air quality.


AutoTrip offers vehicle fleet managers automated business mileage software that leverages machine learning to deliver an easy to use solution for business mileage reclaims. AutoTrip, leveraging the Internet of Things and Machine Learning sectors, offers a fully automated solution for employers and those that drive for business, via a plug and play GPS device, capable of producing quick, accurate, and tax compliant reports.

By virtue of improved monitoring of business trips and optimised fleet management, AutoTrip has the potential to significantly reduce fleet carbon emissions, provide more value from existing fleet operations, and reduce costs for its customer businesses.



Offshore wind turbine gearboxes fail at an alarming rate, and remain one of the most prevalent operating costs for wind farms. Masterfilter have developed a patent pending filtration technology and process that is able to clean oil significantly better, reducing operational cost and increasing filter/gearbox longevity.


Petit Pli

Petit Pli tackles material overproduction through the use of patent pending pleating mechanisms that allow them to integrate strong, durable, folds capable of expanding and contracting a variety of materials, while retaining shape and design integrity.  Their first products are a high quality children's outerwear jacket and trouser, capable of accommodating children through seven sizes and folding into a pocket. The clothing is lightweight, waterproof, and breathable. Potential alternative applications for the pleating technology include emergency ware and maternity clothing.

Unlike process efficiency innovations addressing materials overuse - which produce marginal gains - Petit Pli envisages a more fundamental shift in purchasing habits. A pairing of quality and longevity that can lead to an 85% reduction in childrenswear material use.